It's time to write your Sloppy Copy (a.k.a. Rough Draft)!
First, watch the Sloppy Copy video for this Lesson:

  1. Log in here.
  2. Username:
    Password: learning2write4us
  3. Find the video here.

Now it's time to begin!

  1. Make sure you have your brainstorming worksheet handy. This is the brimming punch-bowl from which you can ladle rich details into your writing!
  2. Open Google Docs and create a new Document. In the top-left of the screen, give your Document a name like this:
    [Your Name], Lesson # - Sloppy Copy
  3. Then, go into your document. Set the type to right-aligned. On the first line, type your name. Hit the Enter key. On the second line, type the date. Hit the Enter key. On the third line, type "Sloppy Copy".
  4. Hit Enter twice and set the type to center-aligned and give your writing a title. (Don't worry - you can always change the title later if your ideas take shape differently as you write!)
  5. Hit Enter twice and set the type to left-aligned and double-spaced, indent (Tab) once, and begin with your topic sentence!
  6. When you have finished your Sloppy Copy, share the Google Doc with Mommy and then print a copy to turn in with your Brainstorming worksheet.
A few hints on Google Docs ...

A) Enter the name of the file here.
[Name], Lesson # - Draft

B) Use the "Align" button to switch between Left, Center, Right, and Justified alignment.

C) Right-align text. Type your heading right-aligned.

D) Hit Enter twice. Center-align text. Type your title.
(Hint: Use Capitalize My Title to check which words in your title need to be capitalized!)

E) Highlight your title and choose Underline formatting. 

F) Hit Enter twice. Double-space your paragraph (see image below). Hit Tab once to indent. Begin typing your topic sentence and keep going from there!

G) When you have finished your Sloppy Copy, use the Share button to share it with Mommy ( Then print a copy and turn it in with your Brainstorming worksheet.

Make sure to mark this lesson complete below when you are finished.

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