Complete First Revision

Now that you've used the Student Writing Skills Checklist to edit your Sloppy Copy, it's time to use those editing notes to make a First Revision!

Watch the First Revision video for this Lesson.

  1. Log in here.
  2. Username:
    Password: learning2write4us
  3. Find the video here.


We want to have a record of your writing process at each step, so do not make changes to your Sloppy Copy. Instead, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Sloppy Copy in Google Docs.
  2. Click on the "File" menu in the top left corner, and then "Make a copy".
  3. Check "Copy comments and suggestions" and click "OK."
  4. A new window will open with a duplicate of your Sloppy Copy, except the file name will say
    "Copy of [Your Name], Lesson # - Sloppy Copy"
  5. Highlight and delete the words "Copy of" and change "Sloppy Copy" to "First Revision".
  6. In the document itself, update your heading. Change the date to today's date. Change the version from "Sloppy Copy" to "First Revision".
  7. Now you can begin making revisions and edits to your document!
  8. When you have finished your First Revision, share the Google Doc with Mommy and then print a copy to turn in along with your Student Writing Skills Checklist.
A few hints on Google Docs ...

A) Click "File".

B) Choose "Make a copy".

C) Check the box for "Copy comments and suggestions." (The box for "Share it with the same people" will automatically be checked. That's fine.)

D) Click "OK".

E) In the new document's file name, remove the words "Copy of". 

F) Change "Sloppy Copy" to "First Revision" in the file name.

G) In the heading, update the date and change "Sloppy Copy" to "First Revision".

(Don't forget to share your First Revision with Mommy, and print a copy to turn in with your Student Writing Skills Checklist.)

Make sure to mark this lesson complete below when you are finished.

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